What is Starfish Nippers?

It is a modified and structured nippers program for all abilities that runs alongside our club’s Age Group Nippers program and focuses on beach and water safety and awareness and promotes inclusion and diversity. Starfish Nippers was started in 2011 by volunteers at Anglesea SLSC. As at the start of December 2020, over 20 surf and bayside lifesaving clubs from across Australia have signed up to run the program.

What are the benefits?

It has had immense benefits for our Starfish Nippers and their families, trainers, Age Group Nippers and the club overall.


Starfish Nippers love being involved and included in the club and the overall Nippers program. They feel a real sense of belonging and wear their Nippers gear with great pride. In many cases, Starfish have been spectators up until now, watching their siblings participate in the Age Group Nippers program. They are learning life skills from excellent role models (their trainers), increasing their beach and water safety knowledge and improving their swimming and board skills, while developing their fitness and improving their coordination. Their confidence and skills in the water improve with every session. The social side of the program helps to develop confidence socially – they love encouraging each other and having fun together, interacting with their peers and Age Group Nippers and participating actively in the community.


Our parents value highly that all children in the family can participate in the club’s Nippers program. They also find networking with other families who are raising a child with a disability invaluable, and provide great support to each other with the challenges they face.


Our trainers find the experience valuable and rewarding. Not only do the youth in our club developed more understanding and skills in working with people with a disability, they develop leadership skills and feel a great sense of making a worthwhile contribution.

Age Group Nippers

Our Age Group Nippers are learning the importance of inclusion and how to connect with people with a disability. They are acting as role models and learning skills in leadership. They find the experience valuable and rewarding.

Starfish Nippers Flyer 2020/21
Starfish Nippers Enrolment Medical Form & Media Consent
Starfish Nippers - Q&A for parents
suitable age
5 - 12 years
Mid-Nov to End-Mar
Every Sunday
8:30am - 11am
How to enrol

Registration for Starfish Nippers at Floreat occurs each November. Please be aware that the nipper program is not a learn-to-swim school but learning about the ocean and waves.

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